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What’s Straight Vein White Onyx?

The content about the origin of straight white onyx marble is as follows:

(1) Domestic origin

    The domestic production areas of straight-grained white jade marble are mainly concentrated in Yunnan and Yunfu City, Guangdong. The straight-grained white produced in these two places has relatively high compressive strength and high color. Their color characteristics are white through black and light gray tones. Has a stylish, atmospheric and elegant temperament.

(2) Overseas origin

    Straight grain white jade marble is mainly produced in Italy, and there are also imported straight grain white marbles from Turkey. Generally speaking, imported marble has better quality after processing. The straight-grained white from Italy is an off-white hue, while the Turkish straight-grained white jade marble is characterized by white and transparent blue, which has a refreshing and noble charm.

White onyx for wall:

Straight-grained white onyx marble can be used for walls, floors, railings, window sills and other areas, demonstrating a particularly atmospheric and refined feeling. The image wall is an important area for expressing corporate culture. If this decoration becomes a straight-grained white onyx marble image wall, it represents the high-end facade of the enterprise, thus conveying the reliable image and profound corporate culture of the enterprise to customers. A good facade can add points to customers’ first impression of the company, thereby promoting business communication and cooperation. A bad facade will make customers psychologically doubt the taste and reliability of the company, which may affect the business. Cooperation efficiency. This shows how important the image wall is to an enterprise.

If you choose the straight-grained white jade marble wall, you can show the generosity of the company to customers and employees from the facade of the company, giving people an outstanding sense of stability and trust. This rare decorative material can also show the company's The strong financial resources and the high-end taste and high quality of the entire enterprise have created a stable and reliable corporate image, which is conducive to improving the cohesion of employees and also helping to increase the trust of customers in the company.

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