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What’s Granite Curbstone?

Kerbstone is the boundary line on the road to distinguish the roadway, sidewalk, green space, isolation zone and other parts of the road, which plays a role in ensuring the traffic safety of pedestrians and vehicles and ensuring the neat edge of the road.

Roadside stone material requirements: the roadside stone is made of natural stone with uniform texture by mechanical cutting. The strength of the stone must be qualified. It is required that the color of the stone is uniform, the surface has no cracks, the edges and corners are complete, the appearance is consistent, there are no obvious spots and color differences, and weathering phenomenon is not allowed. It is not allowed to fall, smash, bump, or touch when loading and unloading, so as to avoid damage.

When cutting according to the same length, the exposed surface must be machine cut and polished. The allowable error of length is within ± 20 mm, and the allowable error of width, thickness and height is within ± 2 mm.

Roadside construction requirements

a. The roadside stone must be constructed by hanging through the line. The high-level line shall be tight according to the top surface of the side plane, and the side stone shall be built according to the line code. The side stone shall be upright, and the front and back joint shall be avoided. The top line of the side shall be straight, smooth and smooth, without high and low malocclusion, and the plane shall be free from up and down malocclusion, internal and external malocclusion.

b. The roadside stone must be built with mortar, and the mortar must be dense. It is strictly forbidden to block the joints;

c. The dislocation at the joint of curbs shall not exceed 1 mm; the joints of curbs and flat stones shall be evenly staggered in the middle.

d. The size and finish of the side stone of the curb shall meet the design requirements. The appearance is beautiful. The side stones of the curve should be specially processed according to the design radius. The line shape should be smooth, round and the joint should be tight. The curved side stone must be polished after manual chiseling.

e. The back of curb shall be compacted with soil, the width of compaction shall not be less than 50 mm and the thickness shall not be less than 15 mm.

f. Roadside stone pointing: when pointing, the line must be hung again, the sundries in the side stone joint must be removed, the water shall be wetted, and then the joint shall be filled with 1:2.5 cement mortar.

g. The roadside stone should be watered properly after pointing and laying