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What Is The Reason For The Endurance Of Wood Marble?

Wood Vien stone

It is a kind of grey and white marble with clear layering

The color is stable, the texture is clear, beautiful, and gray and white

Elegant and noble

It is a good stone for architectural decoration

There are many kinds of marble with wood grain, and the colors are also different. Because of the different processing and cutting methods, the longitudinal cutting is wood grain, and the horizontal cutting can show moiré, water grain or a texture similar to annual rings.

It can be used as floor, stone line, flower line, veneer panel, veneer panel, skirting line, stair step and special-shaped stone. It is a rare Class A stone.

PERFECT STONE - What Is The Reason For The Endurance Of Wood Marble?

PERFECT STONE - What Is The Reason For The Endurance Of Wood Marble?

Wood grain classification

According to different types of stone, it can be divided into marble wood stone and sandstone wood stone (a small part is granite wood stone);

According to different colors, it can be divided into purple wood stone, red wood stone and yellow wood stone;

According to the different wood grains, it is divided into fine wood grain, large wood grain, straight wood grain, natural wood grain, etc.;

According to the nomenclature of the place of origin, the wood-grain stone can be divided into Guizhou wood-grain stone, French wood-grain stone, Italian wood-grain stone, etc.

Wood grain stone generally belongs to a kind of marble, while sandstone wood grain stone belongs to sandstone. Wood grain is produced in the Cambrian strata and belongs to marine deposits and is iron-rich argillaceous dolomite.

Here are some wood-grain stones:

PERFECT STONE - What Is The Reason For The Endurance Of Wood Marble?

PERFECT STONE - What Is The Reason For The Endurance Of Wood Marble?

PERFECT STONE - What Is The Reason For The Endurance Of Wood Marble?

PERFECT STONE - What Is The Reason For The Endurance Of Wood Marble?

PERFECT STONE - What Is The Reason For The Endurance Of Wood Marble?

PERFECT STONE - What Is The Reason For The Endurance Of Wood Marble?

PERFECT STONE - What Is The Reason For The Endurance Of Wood Marble?

PERFECT STONE - What Is The Reason For The Endurance Of Wood Marble?

PERFECT STONE - What Is The Reason For The Endurance Of Wood Marble?

PERFECT STONE - What Is The Reason For The Endurance Of Wood Marble?

Features of wood stone


Wood grain stone is a kind of limestone whose main component is calcium carbonate (CaCO3).

②Powder structure

Although it has a similar texture and pattern to marble, there is a clear difference between wood-grain stone and marble. One of the important features is that the formation process of limestone has not undergone the deterioration and crystallization of marble.

This makes the limestone present a fine powder structure in structure. It seems dense, but in fact it is essentially different from the crystal structure of marble and granite.

③Physical properties

Limestone is fragile, and its flexural bulk density, curvature and compressive strength are not high.

④High water absorption

Calcium carbonate composition and powder structure make limestone generally have a high water absorption rate.

We have had similar experiences on wood-grain stones that have not been protected: some water, sprinkled on the wood-grain stones, just like being absorbed by a sponge, quickly penetrates into the stone. This feature is obviously different from the reaction of sprinkling on the surface of marble, granite and other stones.

[Note] It is the composition and structural characteristics that cause the higher water absorption of the wood grain stone. And this "water absorption" is the root of all problems.

Super high water absorption rate of wood grain stone

Wood grain stone is difficult to polish and easy to pollute. The culprit is the super high water absorption rate of wood grain stone.

1. The reason why it is not easy to polish

When wood-grain stone is polished, due to higher water absorption. A considerable part of materials such as crystallization agents and powders quickly penetrates into the stone and cannot produce crystallization. And affect the final light effect.

2. Reasons for easy discoloration

Due to the high water absorption rate, it is easy to absorb water during use and maintenance, which leads to various unpredictable changes in color over time.

On the other hand, marble and granite with lower water absorption rate, the color change caused by similar reasons is far more slight than that of wood-grain stone.

3. The reason why the gap is easy to change color and black

The high water absorption rate also represents the microporous structure of the wood-grain stone with strong adsorption capacity. Marble glue, glue oil and pigments in the caulking agent are also easily absorbed by the wood grain stone, leaving traces in the gaps.

4. Reasons for easy return to alkali

Wood grain stone easily absorbs water and reacts with the components in the cement at the bottom, resulting in a back alkali phenomenon.

5. Reasons for easy pollution

The wood grain stone structure is relatively loose, the water absorption rate is high, and the ability to absorb pollution is naturally strong. In daily use, under the combined action of various substances such as sole dust, sewage, fruit juice drinks, coffee milk, tea, etc., it is easy to cause pollution.

Construction skills of wood grain stone

Because of the extraordinary decorative effect of wood-grain stone, it is very popular among designers, so its application is very wide. Next, we mainly analyze the applications of these types of wood-grain stones on walls, floors, and countertops.

1. Wall wood stone

Wood-grain stones used in large environments generally do not cause problems. The place that needs attention is the wood grain stone used in toilets, bathrooms and other places.

①Features of the bathroom

More water and vapor. In this environment, the various problems that wood-grain stones are prone to appear more obvious.

②Construction skills

* The protection of the wood-grain stone on the wall of the bathroom must be perfect, meticulous and extreme in accordance with the methods mentioned above.

* When handling the gap, be sure to use marble glue to seal it well. Gap treatment must also be done after the protective agent is completely dried to prevent the glue from contaminating the stone.

* When polishing wall wood-grain stone, it is prohibited to use waxy crystallization agents, such as 2501, which has a higher waxy content.

* The best method is to use sealing glaze technology to polish the wall wood stone with sealing glaze No. 1. Its advantage is that it is rich in silicon dioxide (SiO2), is not afraid of water, is dense, waterproof, has high hardness, and can last for a long time.

Bathroom wood stone

2. Ground wood grain stone


According to the previous method, the protection of the ground wood grain stone should be perfect and extreme. After the health preservation is completed and the protective agent is completely dried, other constructions can be carried out.

②Polishing skills

For the ground wood-grain stone, materials with high wax content cannot be used.

* Through 50#~3000# grinding, if the bottom light reaches about 65 degrees, the sealing technology can be directly used for polishing.

* If the bottom light of the ground does not reach 65 degrees, you can use VD-4 to make the bottom first, and then use the glaze sealing technology to polish. VD-4 is rich in abrasive ingredients, which can further optimize the surface and achieve high-quality engineering effects.

[Note] After grinding, the micro-holes on the surface of the wood-grain stone are exposed again. The ingredients in the glaze material can fill the micropores. It has high density and hardness, and can last for a long time in a watery environment. The overall effect is very beautiful and lasting.

Ground wood grain stone

3. Countertop wood grain stone

Wood grain stone for countertops, including toilets, tables, etc. Especially the wood grain stone countertops in the bathroom need more attention.

① Watery and alkaline environment

The environment of the sink is not only long-term contact with water, but also alkaline water such as soap and shampoo. Not only must the protection be meticulous, perfect, and extreme in accordance with the methods mentioned earlier. The protective effect must be considered as qualified when the water droplets appear in the form of scattered droplets.

Moreover, it should also be considered that the protective effect under such harsh conditions will be destroyed by alkaline substances. Therefore, the effect period of the protective agent should be considered, and the protective agent should be repainted or repainted every 1 to 2 years.

②Polishing of wood grain stone on countertop

* If the ex-factory board is already very beautiful and its gloss is already high, it is not necessary to do polishing treatment, just protect it.

* To achieve a better decorative effect, the glaze sealing technology can be used to process with a portable polishing machine, with excellent brightness, smoothness, thickness, and transparency.

Similar to the previous, for tabletop polishing, do not use more waxy materials. It is best to use glaze sealing technology-it contains silicon dioxide and has extremely high density and hardness, and can be used in water , Maintain long-term effects.

The beauty of wood stone is unparalleled

The wood-grain stone interprets the tranquil and far-reaching artistic conception in the Chinese style. In the modern style, it appears very simple and fashionable, which helps to relieve people's emotions and regulate the high-paced modern life.

The gray texture of the wood grain fully displays the introverted and grand view of gray, and perfectly interprets the warmth of wood and the connotation of gray. There are delicate textures in that atmosphere, as quiet as a virgin and moving like a rabbit. Its feelings are like a gentle woman like a jade, like a broad-minded man.

The popularity of wood-grain stone is not accidental. In addition to the novel and fashionable texture, it also comes with the natural affinity of the log, and the moisture-proof function is a superior decorative style and is also widely used. In the design space, the lightness, tone, purity and texture of the wood grain stone color can give people a clear, clean, beautiful and generous impression. No wonder it is so popular!