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What Is Stone Water Jet Medallion?

PERFECT STONE - What Is Stone Water Jet Medallion?

The Stone Water Jet Medallion is to cut a variety of different stones with a waterjet cutting machine, and then group them into a Stone Water Jet Medallion with a certain graphic effect according to the existing design drawings.

The processing principle of Stone Water Jet Medallion is: use computer-aided drawing software (CAD) and computer numerical control programming software (CNC) to convert the patterns designed by people into NC programs through CAD, and then transfer the NC programs to the CNC water cutting machine. According to the design requirements, the selected various natural stones are cut into independent graphic components with a numerical control water cutting machine. Then the various stone pattern parts are manually spliced, repaired and bonded into a whole, and finally polished so that the entire waterjet mosaic processing is completed.

Stone Water Jet Medallion is a kind of technology with high difficulty in stone processing technology. It requires fineness, accuracy, integration, and the effect of harmony between man and nature. It mainly relies on machinery and equipment, as well as design capabilities and technical personnel's ability to digest drawings.

In fact, the Stone Medallion also has relatively simple ones. Simple patterns can generally be processed and produced by hand. Complex patterns generally have to be processed by water jet machining, but not all complex patterns can or can only be processed by water jet machining. For example, the stone mosaic inlaid on a flat plate or arc board, the bottom plate is not penetrated. This type of Stone Medallion cannot be machined with a waterjet. 

The bottom plate can be processed by a computer processing center, but it must also be assisted by waterjet machining to process the inlaid stone pieces. part. There is also a sandblasting machine for processing the bottom plate. Of course, the inlaid parts are not necessarily stone, they can be gems, glass, shells, metal, etc.