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What Is Sintered Stone?

PERFECT STONE - What Is Sintered Stone?

PERFECT STONE - What Is Sintered Stone?

What is Sintered Stone? What kind of properties do they have?

It is understood that the rock plate is made of natural stone and inorganic clay through a special process, using vacuum extrusion molding and automatic closed computer temperature control roller kiln firing 1300 degrees, is the current thinnest (only 3mm), the existing largest size (3600×1200mm).

Rock board as a bathroom or kitchen countertop, background wall does have a lot of advantages, such as stain resistance, heat resistance, scratch resistance, durable, ultraviolet light resistance, the surface without secondary treatment.

But Sintered Stone has certain limitations, variety and color selection is limited, there is no natural marble is rich, and simple sense is relatively weak, moreover because unlike natural marble rock plate with "renovation, repair" two big characteristics, rock plate decoration, use for a long time, if produce wear and surface abrasion, can't again burnish, restore original board face!

The "fish-belly white" in natural marble is known as the "Oriental Pearl", which lays the king's position in the modern fashion decoration. The fish-belly white is the favorite of owners and designers.

In the past two years, with the development of technology, the rapid development of Sintered Stone, to imitate the natural fish-belly white first rushed into the decoration industry, become a new species, rock slates make up for the natural defects of natural marble, get the market favor.