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What Is Mongolia Black?

Mongolia black is a black basalt. The main mineral components are cryptocrystalline plagioclase and pyroxene, and it also contains a small amount of volcanic glass and Qinite. According to the physical properties of Mongolian black basalt samples collected from the Chifeng area in 2004 by the Chifeng Geological and Mineral Exploration Institute of Inner Mongolia, the results show that the Shore hardness of the Mongolian black samples reached 86.5, the compressive strength reached 1860kg/c㎡, and the resistance was flexural. The strength reaches 281kg/c㎡, the bulk density reaches 3070kg/m³, and the acid resistance reaches 96.06%. Not only the structure is compact, the texture is hard, but also lactic acid and alkali, abrasion resistance, pressure resistance, excellent insulation performance, weather resistance, easy to cut and shape, and can be used as a variety of processed surfaces for long-term outdoor use.

At first glance, Mongolia black is not very outstanding. But after mining and processing, Mongolia black will show its unique texture. The standard Mongolia black product has very fine particles. Although the surface of the board is black after polishing, it will give people a yellowish visual experience, and it also has some white spots, which is very durable. Due to its high quality, Mongolia black quickly detonated the stone market as soon as it was discovered. It is widely used as floor tiles, countertops, sculptures, tombstones, engineering exterior wall panels, interior wall panels, floors, square engineering panels, environmental decorative roadside stones, etc. A kind of building and garden stone materials.

PERFECT STONE - What Is Mongolia Black?