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What Is Luxury Stone?

"Luxury Stone", also known as "Stone Luxury"

  The concept of luxury stone in the narrow sense refers to high-end rare stone. In a broad sense, it refers to architectural decorative materials mainly made of fine jade, natural gemstones and other stone treasures. High-end rare stone is characterized by rareness, natural uniqueness, colorful texture, high processing difficulty, and not easy to be imitated.

  Luxurious stone natural, noble decorative stone products have always been synonymous with high-end and aristocratic consumption. It is inevitable that products with imitation "stone" elements have become a worldwide trend. The Louvre "Luxury Stone Generation" follows the ecological concept of low-carbon and environmental protection. On the basis of inheriting the temperament of natural precious stones, it is derived from stone and surpasses stone in terms of internal quality, texture, surface, specification, color and other indicators. Whether original stone tiles or marble tiles, they reproduce the texture of natural stone realistically, and have their own unique charm and glamour that cannot be replicated, because the space is as unique as a person.

   The characteristics of luxury stone:

1. Naturally cherished material: It is different from high-grade stone. Although it is really expensive, it can be mass-produced. The biggest feature of luxury stone is that it cannot be mass-produced, because its quality has reached the level of gems and jade, and at the same time it has to reach stone painting and architecture. The volume of stone, therefore, determines the nature of the scarcity of luxury stone, which is the top variety in cultural stone. (Such as: many plates are in rare colors, containing precious and semi-precious stones; top Akha coral ornaments, fine jade carving murals).

2. Uniqueness: The colors are rich and varied, and the textures are ever-changing, but each product is unique. Whether the product texture can be displayed to the maximum depends on the hardcore stone master's accurate grasp of the internal characteristics and texture direction of the luxury stone material , Depends on the top designer's precise grasp of the cutting design and cutting angle, but also on the fine crafting of the hand-cutting by the excellent stone craftsmen.

3. High collection value: Because the products are unique and rare, the collection value is very high.

4. High processing difficulty and not easy to imitate: Because the varieties are high-end and rare materials, coupled with unique design, it is difficult to process from the perspective of material and design, and it is not easy to be imitated.

   Luxurious stone application:

   The preciousness, uniqueness and diversity of luxury stone make it an indispensable and pivotal position in high-end architectural decoration. This kind of stone is loved by people because of its rare and precious material, natural and unique texture and color. The application can not only make the overall space appear high-end and luxurious, but also show the owner's unique taste. On the unique and precious characteristics of stone itself, modern producers have added various design innovations (such as: lighting design, slab stitching, waterjet parquet, etc.) to make it more gorgeous and luxurious.

PERFECT STONE - What Is Luxury Stone?PERFECT STONE - What Is Luxury Stone?PERFECT STONE - What Is Luxury Stone?PERFECT STONE - What Is Luxury Stone?PERFECT STONE - What Is Luxury Stone?