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What Is Elegant Brown?

Elegant Brown is natural quartzite quarried in Brazil, it is quite beautiful and unique. It has brown color, actually mixed with brown, red and grey color, and the unique elegant veins look soft, comfortable.  

As a natural quartzite, Elegant Brown is a resistant material, with the features of excellent hardness, high-temperature resistance, outstanding corrosion resistance, free from scratches and etching, and easy to clean and maintain. So it has a prime position using for kitchen and bathroom, also for wall and floor tiles.

Elegant Brown, as a beautiful natural quartzite, is often utilized for its incredible durability but has the capability of transforming any component of a design project into a statement piece and eye catching focal point. The handsome natural pattern of Elegant Brown will effortlessly stand out with panache in any space. It is a ideal material for various projects, especially for high-end apartment and commercial buildings, as well as villa and resorts, using for kitchen countertops, bathroom vanity tops, wall tiles, floors and stairs, and so on.