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What Is Carrara White Marble Composite Tiles?

Marble composite tiles refers to a board with marble decoration performance after processing marble and other materials. Marble composite tiles has a lot of advantages: light weight, improved strength, improved anti-pollution ability, easier to control of color difference, convenient construction, good bonding strength, heat-resistant walls, sound insulation and moisture-proof, cost reduction, energy saving and consumption reduction, so it is more and more used in decoration.

Carrara white marble is the most famous white marble in the world. The white stone is delicate and has some light gray silk patterns, dot patterns and veins. It is widely used in interior decoration, such as bathroom countertops, walls, and floors. Although Carrara White is expensive, it is still very popular. In order to reduce costs, Carrara white marble is used to make composite tiles, which can not only meet the high requirements of customers for white marble, but also reduce costs. Carrara white marble composite tile is your best fit for your home decoration.