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What Is Car Stopping Stone?

With the development of economy and the advancement of science and technology, people's technology for processing natural granite is becoming more and more advanced. Natural stone blocks, stone drums, and ball blocks are often used in urban construction. They are usually used in parking lots. , parks, squares, landscape roads, etc., the purpose of which is to prevent vehicles from entering the restricted area and set up a roadblock to avoid reducing pedestrian safety from threats to vehicles, while also regulating road traffic. These car stopping stone not only block the movement of the vehicle, but also have a decorative effect. These car stopping stone balls have different shapes and are particularly beautiful.

As the name suggests, the car stopping stone balls for blocking the car is a stone ball for blocking the car. The application range is relatively wide, and it can be used at intersections where vehicles need to be prohibited. The main materials of the car-stopping stone balls are marble and granite. However, in the usual sense, the granite car-stopping stone balls are also granite.

The car stopping stone ball style was mainly based on spheres a long time ago. Nowadays, there are very few applications of pure ball block stone balls. The current block stone ball style is mainly a stone ball with a base.

This kind of car stopping stone ball with a base does not need to be installed. Just put it with a forklift and adjust the distance between the stone balls. Therefore, the block stone ball with a base is more flexible in application and is well received by customers. The size of the block stone ball usually has 30, 40, 50, 60; in layman's terms, it is a 30 cm ball and a 40 cm ball and so on.

PERFECT STONE - What Is Car Stopping Stone?