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What Is Black Galaxy – A Classic Granite Building Material

The background color of the Black Galaxy is very pure black, and some bright crystals are evenly dotted during the period. Just like its name, it looks like the black curtain is dotted with golden stars, mysterious and sensual. Because of this special look and feel, Black Galaxy also has the reputation of "Star Galaxy", "Galaxy Granite" and "Black Star River". Its mines are mainly located in the Ongole area of Andra Pradesh in southern India, about 350km from Chennai, the fourth largest city in India.

Generally speaking, the bulk density of black sand is between 2.63g/cm³ to 2.75g/cm³, the water absorption is between 0.15%-0.46%, the compressive strength is between 100-300Mpa, and a small amount of fine-grained black sand can reach above 300Mpa, the bending strength is between 10-30Mpa.

These physical performance parameters are higher than the national standard. It shows that the black sand has the features of high hardness, high processing stability, strong pressure-bearing capacity, good frost resistance, wear resistance and corrosion resistance. It can be competent for dry hanging on the external walls of tall buildings, roadside stones, large square laying, and fountains. Wait for the needs of outdoor scenes. It also has the characteristics of high gloss, high temperature resistance and easy cleaning, so it can also get very good results when used as indoor countertop stone, door stone, and floor tile.

From the perspective of trade, Black Galaxy is one of the most popular stone varieties in the world, and among them, this variety is the most popular in China. Every year, more than 90% of Black Galaxy are sold to China, and only a few large blocks are sold to Italy, the United States, Australia and other places. However, because the high-quality resources of local Black Galaxy in India are very limited and the output is low, the price of relatively perfect Black Galaxy blocks is often higher, and most of the Black Galaxy blocks with black or white stripes are usually regarded as belts locally. There are defects, so the price is relatively low.