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What Is Ancient Wood Vein Marble?

Ancient Wood Vein marble is a kind of black wooden marble quarried in China, mainly in Jiangxi and Sichuan. It is also called Zebra Black Marble, Black Wooden Marble. The background color of Ancient Wood Vein Marble is black, and the main feature is that the grain color is mixed with black, white and yellow, which looks like the texture of ancient wood. 

Ancient Wood Vein Marble has a clear band-like structure, wavy and curved, and the rock mass is a particulate metamorphic structure, composed of crystalline limestone marble, with simple hydrogeological conditions, moderate hardness, about Mohs hardness level 4.2, and easy mechanical cutting. Processing, the pattern on the surface is colorful. After processing, the gloss can be over 95 degrees. 

Ancient Chinese architecture is dominated by wood and stone buildings, so many modern gardens and landscapes will mostly use wood and stone buildings as retro means. Even many elegant home decorations also favor wood and stone decoration. Black Wooden Marble has unique advantages in this regard. The stone has a wooden appearance, and the decoration is easy to achieve a simple and elegant effect. Therefore, Black Wooden Marble is widely used in interior decoration, such as door covers, wall claddings, countertops, Roman columns, interior columns, fountains, stairs, and handicrafts.

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