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What Is A Large Slab Of Artificial Stone?

The names of high-temperature ink-bleeding slabs are:

High temperature penetrating technology, high temperature penetrating large version, high temperature penetrating glaze process, 3d nano stone background wall, nano stone penetrating technology; simulation marble penetrating technology, 3d nano stone, 5d nano marble penetrating technology, marble penetrating process, artificial marble penetrating technology. In fact, they are just a kind of craft, but they are different.


1. What is the principle of high-temperature glazing of granite?


Answer: The artificial stone will automatically become soft under the high temperature (300-400 degrees) environment, and the material density will increase. The color will penetrate into the artificial stone under high temperature and high pressure. When the temperature drops, the color will be permanently fixed inside the stone.


2. Which artificial stone is suitable for high temperature infiltration process?


Answer: A. The selected material must be white or gray; B. The main component ratio of artificial stone: The resin component needs to account for more than 50%. The larger the resin ratio, the better the penetration effect. Common materials: white granite, etc.


3. What are the defects of the artificial stone high temperature glazing process?


Answer: Mainly there are restrictions on materials, and it is only suitable for white materials containing resin components. . Materials such as tiles, glass, wood, acrylic, and metal cannot penetrate.


4. Is the granite high temperature penetrating slab suitable for ground decoration?


Answer: Not suitable. Because the current process color penetration thickness does not exceed 1mm, it is not wear-resistant. So it is only suitable for use on the wall.


How to make products through high-temperature inking slab technology?


1. Need equipment

1. Drawing machine IDstone5A


You can download and print the natural stone pictures from the Internet, or use a digital camera to take pictures of the natural stone patterns, and use the drawing machine to make your own stone pattern pictures.

2. High temperature ink penetration machine Youshi Mall

A. Working size: 1.8*2.8 meters;

B. Equipment size: 3.4*2.4*1.5 meters;

C. Production speed: 8-10 square meters per hour (can be customized).


Second, the production process of stone slabs:

A. Make the necessary stone pictures through the drawing machine;

B. Turn on the high temperature infiltration machine and put the stone into the equipment;

C. Set the temperature of the infiltration machine: 450-500 degrees;

D. After about 1 hour, the infiltration process is completed and the manufacturing process ends.

Remarks: If you need to make a highlight effect, you can simply sand or wax it later.