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What Are The Main Uses Of Artificial Onyx?

Everyone loves onyx in addition to the delicate, pure, and flawless beauty of “the beautiful onyx is flawless, and the white biscuit is flawless”, but also because jade also symbolizes culture, wealth and good fortune.

What is artificial onyx?

Artificial onyx, a kind of artificial stone, is an artificial stone specially imitating the color, texture and texture of natural onyx.


Features of artificial onyx

1. The artificial onyx slab is large in size, with a maximum size of 2700×1800, with fewer joints after paving, and the overall texture is more atmospheric;

2. Artificial onyx imitates natural jade, with soft and delicate texture, transparent body, rich color and realistic texture, which makes people love it;

3. As the artificial onyx has good texture and good thickness, it can process various special-shaped and three-dimensional products. For example: lines, Roman columns, mirror frames, TV tables, murals, etc.;

4. Compared with natural jade, artificial onyx has no such problems as the dark cracks of natural onyx, and the overall density is uniform, pressure resistance is increased, and transportation is more convenient and safer than natural onyx;

5. The three-dimensional carving of artificial onyx background wall, the depth of plain carving can reach 15mm, and the carving depth of carving + inkjet is 5mm (the general carving depth of ceramic tiles is 1-2mm). Therefore, the overall effect of the artificial jade background wall is more three-dimensional and dynamic;

6. For people who like the texture of onyx if natural jade is used as a background wall, the cost is not cheap. This is not acceptable to ordinary consumers, and the artificial jade background wall is much more affordable in terms of cost. , The average consumer can accept. Spend a little money to experience the texture effect of natural jade, which is also a very important reason to like artificial jade background walls.

Artificial onyx background wall application

Because onyx is semi-transparent, when light shines, it not only reflects light, but also part of the light enters the material, making the material look deep and making the overall space more atmospheric. Use onyx to decorate the background wall. Compared with marble, the onyx has a more delicate and beautiful texture. It does not pay attention to the rules, making the overall style unique and has many advantages. It is the most suitable for building a TV background wall.