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What Are The Common Black Marble On The Market?

Black stone is more and more widely used in modern decoration design, often used in fashionable and exquisite high-end apartments, private houses or high-end clubs.

What are the common black marble on the market?


Place of Origin: China, Italy, Afghanistan, Australia

Classification: According to the effect of the layout, Portoro are divided into large flowers, medium flowers, small flowers, etc. According to the effect of the pattern, they can also be divided into two types: one with fine grained golden yellow and the other with banded grayish white. The layout effect is beautiful and each has its own merits. 

Features: black background, golden yellow pattern, fine lines, good luminosity. The basic color is black, and the golden yellow markings are intermittently distributed evenly in stripes, just like a layer of yellow golden flowers sprinkled on a black satin surface, giving a sense of stability and nobility, and it shows its unique magnificence, gorgeous and noble, it is a rare good product in stone.

Silver Dragon

Place of Origin: Guangxi and Hubei, mainly Guangxi

Features: The texture color is divided into two types according to its appearance, black and gray. The black silver-white dragon has the white pattern on the black background, and the gray silver-white dragon has the white pattern on the dark gray background. Because of its clear black and white, beautiful shape, elegance and luxury, and high appreciation value, it is recognized by professional authorities and industry insiders as ideal materials for the decoration of various modern buildings and luxury residences.

Black Marquina

Place of Origin: Spain, my country's Guangxi Province, Hubei Province

Features: black background, white root-like flowers, good luminosity, easy to glue. Ideal quality: black background, the darker the better; this material is generally prone to cracks, if there are cracks, it must be penetrating.

Zebra/Tree Black

Place of Origin: China

Features: clear strip structure, wavy and curved, rock mass with a fine metamorphic structure, moderate hardness and good gloss.