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What Are The Characteristics Of Beige Marble?

What are the characteristics of beige marble:

  (1). Marble is a kind of metamorphic rock transformed from limestone. Its main components are minerals such as calcite (calcium carbonate) and dolomite (magnesium carbonate). Its texture is often expressed by bedding, texture, and color.

  (2). The unpredictable pattern of marble and the uncertain color and lustre are pure natural phenomena of stone.

  (3). The marble surface often has cracks, pinholes, and quartz lines are flooded with natural marble phenomena, which are often unavoidable when cutting.

  (4). The marble material is relatively soft, the Mohs hardness is within 3~4 degrees, the wear resistance is slightly poor, and the surface is not scratched by hard objects.

  (5). With current production technology, it is inevitable that marble slabs will be warped (generally the warping degree is ±1mm).

  (6). If there are any broken corners in the marble construction process, the current stone repair technology is generally used to remedy the stone, and the stone is not replaced, so as not to damage the beauty of the overall stone texture.

       (7). For product application, generally do the opposite pattern treatment; if the specification product is applied, adopt the method of applying the opposite direction and not the pattern.

  (8). Marble samples or drawings are for reference only for color selection (there is no guarantee that they will exactly match the actual product, and the actual product ordered is the main one).

  (9). Marble is a century-old building material and also a fireproof building material. It is a noble indoor building material; avoid the sun and rain outdoors.

  (10). The use of marble in buildings is suitable for hall walls, home interior floors, bathroom walls, countertops, and desktops.