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What Are The Advantages Of Volcanic Stone?

1. Volcanic stone material has superior performance and environmental protection. In addition to the general characteristics of ordinary stone, it also has its own unique style and special functions. Compared with granite and other stones, the low radioactivity of volcanic stone (basalt) makes it safe to use in human living and living places without the worry of radioactive pollution.

2. The volcanic stone material is weather-resistant, weather-resistant, and durable; noise reduction and noise reduction are beneficial to improve the auditory environment; simple and natural to avoid glare, which is beneficial to improve the visual environment; water absorption, anti-skid and heat resistance is beneficial to improve the somatosensory environment: the unique "breathing" function can Adjust the air humidity and improve the ecological environment. It can be widely used in municipalities, enterprises and individuals. All kinds of unique advantages can satisfy people's pursuit of simplicity and naturalness and advocating green and environmental protection in modern times.

3. The volcanic stone (basalt) is hard and can be used to produce ultra-thin stone slabs. After surface grinding, the gloss can reach more than 85 degrees. The color is bright and pure, and the appearance is elegant and solemn. It is widely used in various building exterior wall decorations and municipal roads. The ground paving of squares and residential quarters is the preferred stone for antique buildings, European-style buildings and garden buildings, and is deeply loved and welcomed by customers at home and abroad.

4. The natural holes of the volcanic stone give it a unique infiltration function. In rainy days, the holes can be used to absorb enough moisture, and under the sunshine on a sunny day, the moisture is slowly released to regulate the temperature of the surrounding air. This function is mostly suitable for pedestrian streets, squares, courtyards, especially around flowers, grasses, and trees, so that rainwater can seep into the ground and communicate with underground water to ensure that plants have sufficient water.

5. The crushed volcanic stone (0.5-2 cm) is widely used in the foundation construction of roads, buildings, dams and other occasions. Compared with other stone materials, the product has unique characteristics of high strength, high wear resistance and high hardness. It is especially suitable for roadbed casting of expressways and airport runways. It can greatly improve the load-bearing, compressive, abrasion and fatigue resistance of the road foundation. This performance index is conducive to a century-old plan to ensure the quality of the project. It is the first choice stone for construction project units and architectural design departments when determining project materials.

6. Volcanic stone is formed by condensation after the eruption of volcanic lava. It has obvious light absorption and heat resistance function due to the generation of absolute high temperature. It will never be as hot as granite under strong sunlight, and there is no feeling of iron baking. In the cold winter, it will not be like granite.

PERFECT STONE - What Are The Advantages Of Volcanic Stone?

volcanic stone walls

PERFECT STONE - What Are The Advantages Of Volcanic Stone?

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