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Some Design Points Of Marble TV Background Wall

The natural marble TV wall is the easiest place to enhance and show the decorative effect and taste in the interior decoration. Every natural stone background wall cannot be used to describe and explain its beauty and uniqueness. So nowadays, more and more people choose marble TV background wall to decorate their homes under the trend of pursuing high-end, gorgeous and luxurious quality of life. This trend is more obviously reflected in the high-end decoration.

How can we design a beautiful, unique and economical marble TV background wall?

Here will introduce you some design points of marble TV background wall design.

* The choice of stone material color

There are many kinds of marbles, the textures are varied, and the textures are very artistic. When choosing marble, we can choose simple and neat fine patterns to take the elegant route, or use the distinctive and prominent patterns to win with the shape.

When choosing light-colored (white, beige, light gray, etc.) marble as the TV background wall, the warm color will make the home decoration completely integrated.

When using dark (black, gray, coffee, red, green) marble to make the TV wall, you can quickly improve the spatial texture of the home, just like a unique and natural work of art, which will become the visual focus of the entire living room.

And matching the marble of the same series to design the TV cabinet will be more harmonious. There is also the use of patterned marble (or patterned marble) to design the curtain wall, which will create a new natural style, and it is also a novel, unique and unconventional design.

However, it is important to note that in terms of color, no matter whether you choose a dark or light color, the overall decoration of the decoration is the first choice. At the same time, the change in the composition of the stone has the greatest impact on her innate lines. This design point must also be firmly grasped, because the same kind of stone will have thousands of changes.

* Stone surface design

Stone surface processing methods include polishing, matt, sandblasting, axe, water blasting, fire and so on. In the past, most owners chose to use polishing or polishing. However, the processing of smooth surfaces has an open problem-reflection.

No matter how harmonious the colors and beautiful texture patterns are in the original design, the reflection of the glossy marble destroys the overall visual effect and has become a long-term pain for the owner (user).

Especially for black marble, the reflection problem is particularly serious, which can make people feel dazzling and uncomfortable. At the same time, there will be intricate reflections in the space.

So in fact, the use of non-smooth stone has a better effect. Today's mainstream designs in Europe and the United States are mainly non-smooth designs that do not cause light pollution. Later, retro surface, water-washed surface, sandblasted surface, fired surface, etc. Processing, a kind of natural and harmonious charm.

But if you must choose smooth marble, don't worry, you can pass the light for flat light treatment, so that the light does not produce reflected glare.

* Selection of stone size

Under normal circumstances, the TV background wall will not replace a large complete board. It is usually cut into pieces of about 80cm, so that it is less prone to damage and safer in handling and installation.

However, some designs are bolder and unique nowadays, and some choose to use a whole large marble slab for decoration.

* Stone cost control

The marble TV background wall costs one dollar. In fact, this is difficult to explain with a standardized and standardized quotation. After all, this is a tailor-made product, and the unit price between different marbles is also very different.

Therefore, to understand the cost of the marble TV curtain wall, you must understand the actual size (size of each part), the type of stone used, and check the unit price and yield rate of the alternative stone, so that the cost of the stone can be accurately calculated.

* Attention to construction details

The different construction levels and differences in details are difficult for the owner to detect. The finer the construction, the cost will naturally be possible, so the construction party also has the time to "control the cost", but you can also grind the construction level of the construction party through the details.

For example, whether there is edging, whether to increase the frame wire board, whether to do surface antifouling treatment, whether to do crystallization treatment, whether to use professional adhesive or ordinary cement, whether to do resin seamless treatment, and whether it is matte prevention Light treatment, back light transmission treatment, digging treatment, etc.

PERFECT STONE - Some Design Points Of Marble TV Background Wall

marble background wall

PERFECT STONE - Some Design Points Of Marble TV Background Wall

marble TV wall