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Recommend A Star Grey Marble Slab For You

PERFECT STONE - Recommend A Star Grey Marble Slab For You

PERFECT STONE - Recommend A Star Grey Marble Slab For You

Star grey marble is a kind of grey marble mined in Turkey. This Dark Grey Marble is widely used for wall cladding and flooring.  

Shinyo Marble will provide an obvious visual appeal wherever it is installed. In addition to its appearance, this kind of natural stone is very durable. There are many other benefits between the beauty and durability of this stone, and it is certainly one of the best on the market.

The background color is dark gray, the material is delicate, the structure is tight, the strength is high, the cracks are less, and the slab has good luminosity. Its material determines that Saint Laurent is the highest quality and grade gray stone variety on the market. 

There are two styles of large slabs of this material: one has a dark gray background with fine white lines evenly distributed; the other has a dark gray background with slightly thicker white lines with some golden yellow and less red The pattern, the yellow and red pattern on the surface is similar to the Italian black gold flower. 

This material can choose the cutting direction of the block according to the customer's preference, and provide customers with the decorative effect of the straight or chaotic surface.

Advantages and disadvantages: The material has a good luminosity, compact structure, high strength, and fewer cracks; the disadvantage is that the layout is slightly changed