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Noble And Pure Carrara White Deeply Loved By Stone People

In the picturesque Alps, there is a Carrara mountain, where white Carrara stone is abundant, and it has attracted much attention for its low yield, high grade and small amount. ‍


Carrara is a small town in north-central Italy. It has the world’s largest variety and best quality of white marble, and is known as the “Marble Capital of the World”.

Among them, the world-famous marble “Carrara White” is very popular among art masters such as Leonardo da Vinci, Rodin, Michelangelo, and is widely used in their works. ‍


In addition, Carrara White has also been applied to the American White House, Notre Dame Cathedral, British Museum, Roman Forum, Roman Pantheon and other buildings. It is the princess of the marble family.


Today, the noble and pure “Princess” is not only used in famous buildings, sculptures, etc., but also in the homes of ordinary people~~~In this issue, the editor will share with you the king of marble, “Carrara White”. Walk into her world to get to know her

PERFECT STONE - Noble And Pure Carrara White Deeply Loved By Stone People

The whiteness of Carrara marble is like snow on the mountain, bright like the moon between the clouds, and its unique natural texture is like a “woman” who does not eat the fireworks. In order to make its unique beauty lasting, people also apply it in their daily lives, and let its beauty continue to bloom in our lives. ‍

PERFECT STONE - Noble And Pure Carrara White Deeply Loved By Stone People

The natural Carrara White Mountains, from the inside to the outside, are sacred and white. Like a white flower lotus blooming under the blue sky, peeling off the surface, the petals are like pieces of rough stone, displayed layer by layer under the exquisite craftsmanship of Carrara craftsmen, this is the first blooming pearl.


The most famous marble is also Bianco Carrara “Carrara White” marble. Its characteristics: light gray silk patterns, dot patterns, fine grains, pure white, etc. are the raw materials for many famous sculptures. And the sculptor “Michelangelo” in the Renaissance often used it for sculpture creation.


The prevailing weather vane turned to white marble. Marble represented by “Carrara White” began to occupy the home court, opening a new fashion season. And “Carrara White”, as a classic variety in Shiraishi, is naturally more and more favored by consumers.

Carrara white texture is elegant: the material of choice for interior decoration and furniture

Carrara white marble has light gray silk patterns, dot patterns, fine grains, elegant and luxurious texture, and is mostly used for interior decoration and furniture. ‍

Carrara white is used as indoor furniture, which is generally embodied on the countertop of the table or the marble table. Whether it is a generous round table or an exquisite square table, it can be matched with a variety of different home decoration styles. It is not the first choice but also one of the must choices.


The pure white table top is matched with wooden table legs. Because of its special texture and elegant texture, the made study table gives people a refreshing feeling.

Especially in the hot summer, it is in sharp contrast with the traditional pure wooden study desk, bringing an extraordinary coolness and refreshing.


The texture of Carrara White has a touch of splash-ink painting charm, and it has a soft and elegant temperament. It has a low-key and luxurious beauty when matched with the modern and simple style. The white background has light gray silk patterns, each piece is different. The delicate texture has a sense of fashion, simplicity and elegance and coexistence with details, making life present a taste and ultimate.


Carrara white low-key luxury: the new favorite of high-end home decoration design

Nowadays, the application of white stone in decorative design is more and more extensive, and it has gradually become the darling of high-end design field. Carrara white marble is displayed in the overall space, often presenting a quiet, elegant, soft, and rustic decoration style, revealing a low-key and luxurious beauty, and is deeply loved by modern young people. ‍


Clean and concise Carrara white marble mosaics are often used in bathroom spaces to make the environment particularly dusty. The exquisite, pure and flexible Carrara texture makes every step like stepping on a wonderful note.

In the space condensed with modern atmosphere, light and dark are superimposed on each other, and the depth is intricately blended. The exquisite and elegant scenes, from form to function, all show the distinctive temperament of the times.


The texture and bright texture of Carrara’s white clouds make the space more serene and temperamental. With soft decorations in place, it can bring out the soul of the space. White is a versatile color, which can be matched with any color and has a lot of room for development.

Carrara white, due to its scarcity and noble appearance, the birthplace of Carrara stone, Tuscany, is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance, which has a profound influence on European architecture and sculpture.

Carrara white has good processability, sound insulation and heat insulation, and is an excellent building decoration material. The color is simple, the texture is pure, and the pattern is clear and uniform. Combine modern fashion with classical atmosphere to meet diverse decorative needs.

The surface of Carrara White is simple white, which is the color that designers prefer. In the home environment, whether it is matched with wooden furniture, metal lamps, or colorful fabric sofas, it can perfectly present a high-level texture.

Next, let us enjoy the space application effect of Carrara White together! ‍