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New Product Recommendation | Carrara White Marble, A Different Light, Luxurious And Simple Style

Artistic spirituality, with a mixed style of Chinese and Western


Tuscany, the birthplace of this Carrara stone, is the birthplace of the Italian Renaissance and has a profound influence on European architecture and sculpture. Da Vinci, Rodin, Michelangelo and other art masters all loved Carrara white very much and used it widely in their works.


In the field of architecture, Carrara White has been applied to the American White House, Notre Dame Cathedral, British Museum and other buildings, and is the princess of the marble family.


Today, the noble “princess” walks into the homes of ordinary people.

Carrara white marble has light gray silk patterns, dot patterns, fine grains, elegant and luxurious texture. It is mostly used for interior decoration. The radiation is lower than that of ceramic tiles. It is completely harmless to the human body. The marble radiation test has been exempt from inspection by the United States and the European Union. Facing Materials Association has also passed


Carrara White, injects a “slow time” into the daily meal time, and improves the quality of life.


The white background has light gray silk patterns, just like Chinese ink on white rice paper rendering gray patterns. Each piece is different, and it is completely an abstract ink painting. Let your imagination run wild.


The delicate texture, with a sense of fashion, concise and generous, and coexist with the details, so that life presents taste and ultimate. Add a unique flavor and provide a superior quality. Decorate a different life with infinite creativity.


Low-key luxury, become the darling of high-end home decoration design


Nowadays, the application of white stone in decorative design is more and more extensive, and it has gradually become the darling of the high-end design field. Carrara white marble is displayed in the overall space, injecting people’s understanding of home, feelings about home, and attitude to life. It is pure, pure, and noble and bright.


Clean and concise Carrara white marble mosaics are often used in bathroom spaces to make the environment particularly dusty. The exquisite, pure and flexible Carrara texture makes every step like stepping on a wonderful note.


Carrara White is suitable for modern decoration style. Because of its quiet, elegant, soft and simple decoration style, it is loved by modern young people. The modern and simple style reveals a low-key and luxurious beauty.


In the space condensed with modern atmosphere, light and dark are intertwined, the depth is intricate, and the exquisite and elegant scenes, from form to function, all show the distinctive temperament of the times.

PERFECT STONE - New Product Recommendation | Carrara White Marble, A Different Light, Luxurious And Simple Style

The texture of the clouds and the bright texture make the space more tranquil and temperament, and the soft decorations in place can bring out the soul of the space. White is a versatile color, which can be matched with any color and has a lot of room for development.


Does this “princess” in the stone industry win your heart?