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Is Natural Marble Good For Wall Decoration?

The advantage of natural marble background wall is that it has many styles and adapts to many kinds of decoration styles. It is high-grade and has texture, just like a natural artwork.

Advantages: 1. The marble background wall is a kind of background wall made of marble. It has the natural texture and luster of marble, and the atmosphere is gorgeous. It can give people a feeling close to nature and improve the grade of interior decoration. 2. Marble has a variety of colors and shapes, and has a good effect in decoration. It can be widely used in the background wall decoration of all kinds of houses to meet the decoration needs and personalized needs of different residents. 3. Marble has strong deformation resistance, moisture resistance and flame retardancy. It is not easy to be damaged and moldy in the process of use, and has a long service life.

Disadvantages: 1. Compared with the traditional background wall materials, the price of marble background wall will be more expensive, and the decoration cost will be higher. 2. The installation requirements and standards of marble background wall will be stricter, and the construction time will be longer. Because of its heavy texture, it needs to be fixed with keel in the installation process, otherwise it will increase the load weight of the wall, which is easy to cause the wall collapse.

At the same time, the maintenance of the marble wall also needs to pay attention to Oh ~ 1. If the wall is not maintained for a long time, the wall is easy to hide ash and lose luster, we can usually use some special cleaning supplies for cleaning. 2. Marble should not be exposed to sunlight for a long time, otherwise it will lose luster. If necessary, wax can be applied to protect the color of marble. 3. The pollution of stone may come from all sides, we should deal with it pertinently and use relatively effective methods for cleaning.