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How To Select Artificial Marble?

1. Choose artificial marble, don't forget to compare the quality while comparing the price, and pay attention to ask for and keep all kinds of vouchers to protect your own interests. There is a good saying: "Be careful before shopping, and worry less after using." Stone materials in my country are divided into three categories: A, B, and C according to the level of radioactivity. According to regulations, only category A can be used for home interior decoration. There are two main types of stone: marble and granite. The radioactivity of marble is generally lower than that of granite, and most of it can be used for interior decoration. However, granite should not be used in large quantities indoors, especially in bedrooms, elderly and children’s rooms. .

2. According to the test, the radioactivity of different colors of stone is also different, the higher ones are red and green, and the white and black are very low. Therefore, consumers should carefully choose red, green or granite varieties with large red spots.

3. At the same time, you must sign a contract and issue a corresponding receipt when purchasing. The contract and receipt are important guarantees for rights protection. Consumers should require the seller to specify the name, specification, grade, quantity and price of the product in the contract, and require clarity Which standard is used for testing. Try to require the seller to provide a product qualification certificate, an inspection report recognized by the statutory authority, or a product radioactivity certificate. If conditions permit, samples should be sent to the testing department for testing. When buying, take precautions against the so-called "international A-grade" and "special-grade" stones. Some are a way of misleading consumers.

4. A good-quality marble countertop must match the required size. If splicing is required, the effect will be much worse. Of course, the price of a whole piece of marble countertop is higher, and the spliced products are not only less reliable in quality, but also worse in decorative effect. More importantly, if it is used in the kitchen, it may affect its service life.