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How To Deal With The Yellowing Of Marble?

It can be cleaned with a professional marble cleaner. It can penetrate into the micropores of carbonate stones such as marble, zhidao limestone, marble, serpentine, etc. to remove various macula and stains such as tea, coffee, and straw yellow. Does not damage the surface luster of the stone, and does not leave pigment in the stone. The correct washing steps are:

1. First remove the dust and dirt on the surface of the stone;

2. Brush or spray the diluted cleaning agent back on the surface of the macula and stains, stick the absorbent material such as pure cotton cloth or white toilet paper on the stone surface, and add the cleaning agent to make it completely wet;

3. Cover the marble with plastic film to maintain the action time of the cleaner;

4. After about 24 hours, remove the plastic film and the cloth or paper attached to the reply, and scrub it with water several times;

5. If the yellow stains cannot be completely removed, repeat the above method.