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How To Clean Marble?

1. Regularly seal

Because marble has natural pores, you can generally choose a neutral sealant to seal the marble according to the type of marble. Usually, the marble wall and floor are sealed every six months or so. If it is a kitchen marble countertop, it can be sealed once a year. .

2. Daily cleaning

In our daily life, when cleaning the marble walls and floors, do not use cleaners containing bleach or abrasive cleaners, and do not use hard brushes to brush against the marble stains. Generally, only the marble is required. Just clean up the stains in time.

3. Acid stains

If Dali has acid stains such as fruit juice or vinegar on the ground, we can put baking powder and soda water together to make a paste, and apply the paste to the marble stains. After the paste becomes dry, we can apply the paste. Wipe it clean with a wet towel, and finally use a dry towel to dry it.

4. Oil stains

Marble countertops in the kitchen are easily contaminated by oil stains. If the marble has oil stains, we can first use absorbent paper to absorb the oil stains, and then sprinkle absorbents such as cornstarch on the oil stains. After one or two hours, we will use a wet rag to wipe it Wipe it clean, and finally wipe it dry.