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How To Choose Quartz Stone

PERFECT STONE - How To Choose Quartz Stone

Good quartz stone is the product of high temperature, high-pressure, and grinding treatment with quartz and resin. The premise is that the quality of this quartz stone directly determines its physical properties.

Quartz stone with superb craftsmanship does not use a lot of glue. It is basically quartz and resin, so it is very environmentally friendly.

Because it is high temperature and high pressure, the density is very high, and the composition of quartz also determines the hardness of the countertop is very high, so it is very wear-resistant, and of course, it is also very high-temperature resistant. A good quartz stone will not bleed, and there will be no marks when the pressure cooker is blanched, and you will have no pressure on cutting ribs or anything.

Well-known brands of quartz stone include Spain's Silestone and Israel's Ceasar Stone.

This kind of low-tech industry can actually do well in China. In fact, the capital threshold is relatively high, and the technical content is not high. Large machinery, high temperature, and high-pressure, are just fine. Therefore, there are many good brands in China, the general thickness can be 2.0mm, and there are many 1.2mm thick ones in China. The wedge shape can also be made pretty.

Of course, high-end quartz stone can be made with patterns, and there is still a gap with natural marble, but it is not bad. The price of the pattern with good quality is about 3000 meters.

Because quartz stone feels cold to the touch and feels cold in winter, it is generally not recommended to use it on furniture such as dining tables or coffee tables. It is also more luxurious to use on the countertop, so most people in rational economic society will only use it on the kitchen countertop.