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How Maintain Marble Tiles?

Although marble is strong, beautiful in appearance and elegant, it is a more sensitive material and can usually be described as "soft outside and rigid inside". Marble has a hard inner quality, but the polished surface is extremely fragile and requires special maintenance. When you step on it, you should prevent marks from being left, and the objects placed on it should be handled gently. What caused the marble sheet to be damaged? In this part, you will learn what causes the marble to be damaged, and how to avoid this damage. Only by knowing what caused the damage can we better take the next protective action.

1. Water and wet substances

From the appearance, water does not pose a threat to the beautiful and elegant marble surface. In fact, it is deceived by the surface phenomenon. Water has enough power to destroy the beautiful marble sheet. The water or other damp substances mixed in the glass are enough to leave scale on the surface of the marble, and the scale will slowly penetrate the entire marble surface and leave stains that are difficult to wipe off.

The best way to deal with it is to avoid water droplets on the surface of the marble slab, but in reality it is often impossible to do so, so what you can do is to wipe off the water droplets in time to prevent further penetration of water.

2. Acidic and alkaline substances

Neutral detergents should be used when cleaning marble sheets. Both acidic and alkaline detergents can easily corrode the surface of the marble.

Of course, it is not only detergent that will corrode the surface of the marble, such as some acidic substances such as orange juice, lemon juice, soda, apple juice, tomato juice, wine, etc., will corrode the surface of the marble, and the PH Alkaline bleach will also corrode marble.