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How About Serpeggiante Marble?

There are two main types of natural stone: marble and granite. Generally speaking, those with texture are called "marble"; those with spots are called "granite". This is broadly speaking. In a narrow sense, marble refers to the stone produced in Dali, Yunnan. In fact, not many stones all over the country are from Dali.

Wood-grain marble is also produced in Sichuan. This variety has clear banded structure and wavy bends. The rock mass is a fine metamorphic structure. The composition is crystalline limestone marble. The hydrogeological conditions are simple and the hardness is moderate, about 4 on the Mohs hardness. 。Level 2, easy to mechanically cut and process, with bright and colorful patterns on the surface. After processing, the gloss can be over 95 degrees. This variety can be widely used in interior building materials decoration industry, such as door covers, wall skirts, bar counters, Roman columns, indoor columns, toilets and handicrafts.

Ancient Chinese architecture is dominated by wood and stone buildings, so many modern garden landscapes mostly use wood and stone buildings as retro means. Even many elegant home decorations also favor wood and stone decoration. Wood marble is unique in this regard. Wood marble is Stone has a wooden appearance, and it is easy to achieve a simple and elegant effect with its decoration. Therefore, wood-grain marble is widely used in interior decoration, such as door covers, wall skirts, bar counters, Roman columns, interior columns, toilets and handicrafts.

Wood grain marble is quite common in the market, but because the price of stone varies greatly, you must know more about it before you buy it.