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How About Artificial Marble?

In the room decoration construction, the use of natural marble for a large area of indoor decoration will increase the load-bearing capacity of the building. However, polyester artificial marble overcomes the above shortcomings. It uses unsaturated polyester resin as a binder to combine with quartz sand and marble. Powder, calcite powder, etc. are stirred and mixed, casted and formed, and solidified under the action of the curing agent. It is made by demoulding, drying, polishing and other processes; besides these characteristics, what other properties does artificial marble have? Is it really good to use artificial marble in decoration?

1. Lightweight:

Artificial marble material is light in weight, high in strength, thin in thickness, easy to process, seamless in splicing, not easy to break, can be made into arcs, curved surfaces and other shapes, and it is easier to make various sanitary wares with complex shapes and multi-curved surfaces. Such as bathtub, washbasin, toilet, etc., and the construction is more convenient.

2. High performance:

The high performance of artificial marble can be summed up as: high strength, high hardness, good wear resistance, thin thickness, light weight, wide range of uses, and good processing performance.

3. A variety of designs:

The artificial composite stone can be produced in a variety of colors due to the different degrees of crushing of the stones in the processing process, and with different colors. Each series has many colors to choose from. When purchasing, you can choose the artificial stone with suitable texture and color to come in a variety of home colors and decoration grades. The same type of artificial stone has no difference in color and texture. Moreover, the main material of artificial stone is processed with stone powder, which is thinner than natural stone and lighter than natural stone. Laying at home can reduce the weight of the building.