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Greek Volakas White Marble

PERFECT STONE - Greek Volakas White Marble

White Marble has always been like a myth, especially Volakas white marble which is born in the Northern town of Volakas Greece. Volakas is white dolomite marble with white background and quiet in different features on the surface that diagonal vein structure ranging from light to thick, its vein colors of grey, pink purple or even brown, Volakas cloudy featuring grey and shadows, Volakas classic featuring in mosaic patterns that enjoy the dark blue and grey carvings, all features have been given too many meanings and has pure texture.

Volakas white marble has good processability, sound insulation and heat insulation. It can be further processed and applied as an excellent building decoration material, also very popular as a book-matched finish for accent walls. Its overall shape can be described by “modern fashion”, highlighting a master-level design style. Volakas white is mainly used for high-grade interior decoration, components, table panels, washbasins, sculptures.