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Do You Know What Is Quartz Vanity Top?

Quartz is an “engineered” stone rather than a natural stone.

Though quartz is a naturally occurring material (one of the most abundant on earth), quartz only contains about 95% quartz.

The other 5% is constructed from a variety of pigments, resins, and recycled materials, depending on the specific manufacturer.

The top benefit of quartz is its natural durability. Unlike granite, quartz is naturally waterproof and doesn’t require sealing. The material is also resistant to stains and bacteria.

Most quartz has a clean, contemporary look. The fact that they’re engineered, however, means there is a remarkable variety of colors and patterns available.

Quartz is just about as expensive as granite. But you get what you pay for regarding toughness and durability.

The only other drawback to quartz is that the edges can easily chip. Opt for a rounded edge treatment to counteract this problem.

Quartz Vanity Top is a perfect combination of natural materials and man-made materials, which can stand the test of time. High-impact materials provide easy, care-free maintenance, even in the busiest settings.

The quartz bathroom vanity top surface is stain-resistant, moisture-proof and easy to maintain. The quartz dressing table has 12 unique finishes, so you can get the perfect look for your bathroom.

PERFECT STONE - Do You Know What Is Quartz Vanity Top?