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Do You Know What Is Ariston White Marble

PERFECT STONE - Do You Know What Is Ariston White Marble

The pursuit of whiteness may be the instinct of human beings, after all, even the house of God is white and flawless. And from the classic white marble series of the world, it is a natural model among all whites.

Ariston White Marble belongs to a kind of high-grade marble among the white building materials. Its color is as white as jade, with fine particles, few lines, beautiful and elegant, but its texture is soft, which is a kind of delicate stone. Because the high-quality white marble is the whitest among all the stones.

Ariston White Marble only has mines in Greece, and because of the limited mining volume, the price of this kind of stone is generally relatively high. Taking the common thickness of 1.6cm in the current market as an example, the high-quality Ariston White Marble is already processed before installation. Up to 2,000 square meters and even higher. 

Therefore, in addition to small areas such as background walls, window sills, and toilets for ordinary residents’ home decoration, it is not recommended to use a large amount of Ariston White Marble. High-end hotels, villas and other decoration designs use Ariston White Marble for decoration, which can reflect the nobleness and elegance. The side.

   Because of its soft texture and high price, the market generally sells large slabs of about 1.6 cm, with an average height of about 1.6 to 1.8 meters and a length of about 2.8 meters. Therefore, designers should design reasonable sizes in material selection and design, otherwise, it will not only cause a lot of waste of resources but also increase the cost of processing. In the process of processing, a special infrared stone cutting machine should be used for the cutting of Ariston White Marble, and the error during the cutting process should not exceed ±0.2cm; the cutting speed should be moderate, and the cutting speed should not be chipped or broken during the cutting process; Cut it with other stones that are easy to fade, and should not store them with other discolored stones, otherwise it will cause pollution; after cutting according to the designer's size, it should be dried in time, and then use a stone-specific protective agent for six-sided protection, The protective agent should be applied evenly so that the stone does not penetrate into the stone after the protection is dried.

The texture of the Ariston White Marble is relatively soft. If it is improperly packaged, it is easy to be damaged during transportation. Therefore, a certain thickness of foam must be filled in the long-distance transportation box. Generally, one-centimeter thick foam is sufficient. After packaging, the stone inside cannot be Any shaking.