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Do You Know The Type Of Pool Table?

PERFECT STONE - Do You Know The Type Of Pool Table?

There are two different types of slate pool tables available in the market.

1 Piece Slate Pool Table:

One-piece slate tables are difficult to maneuver because they weigh approximately 500 pounds. Thus, if you are considering refelting your table, then you will probably require an extra pair of hands.

When you are reallocating its place in your house, one piece slates are difficult to move through narrow doorways, hallways, and corners. This is the reason why it is quite expensive to move or service these types of tables.

Not all slates are perfect; there could be one minute error in its physical framework which can totally affect the gameplay. The bigger slates are more to be concerned about because of no matter how much tweaking or shimming you provide; it remains the same.

3 Piece Slate Pool Table:

These are merely 1/4th inch thicker than one piece slates. The more the thickness – the less the imperfection. However, unlike one-piece slates, the three-piece slates are permanently framed within the wooden structure. It helps in providing extra support to the cabinet.

Leveling up three different layers of slates is not an easy task and only experienced mechanics are allowed to perform the leveling. A perfectly leveled three piece slate table will give you a superior play. The pros and championship contestants prefer practicing with three slates tables because these tables meet the international standards.

A normal three-piece slate table can weigh around 750-1000 pounds and can go up to 3000 pounds.

But keep one thing in mind, it doesn’t matter what the style of table, number of slates or the value of the table you have, setting the table with sheer professionalism is the key to get the best possible roll.

PERFECT STONE - Do You Know The Type Of Pool Table?