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Do You Know The Origin Of Panda Whtie Marble?

PERFECT STONE - Do You Know The Origin Of Panda Whtie Marble?

"Panda White Marble" is black and white marble. On the white floor, black lines flowed freely and swayed, like an unintentional work after squatting naturally. Panda white marble originated in China, as if it was a long-term relationship between nature and humans. Panda white marble is like a traditional Chinese ink painting, showing its unique charm.

The black and white contrast is beautiful on the panda white marble, like a painting. Panda White has a white background with dark lines occasionally, full of imagination. Its classic colors and style play a fashionable role and will never go out of style. Black and white have always been classics, but when it comes to fashion, panda marble is a perfect combination of black and white.

Panda white marble is a hard and durable material. It is one of the most classic Chinese white marbles. It is especially suitable for wall and floor applications, book matching, stairs, countertops, dressing tables, tables or furniture, fireplaces, sculptures, etc.