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Do You Know Panda White Marble?

Panda white marble is a white stone with black and white color, which resembles the body color of the giant panda, a super protected animal in my country, hence the name "Panda White".

The panda white marble is on the delicate white bottom plate, and the black lines flow freely and unrestrainedly, like an unintentional work after being slightly boiled, and even more uninhibited like wild grass. It shows its own unique charm in traditional Chinese black and white colors.

While panda white marble resembles classical ink painting, panda white is also playing a fashionable role. A black and white world has created this super modern color, pure and clean, like a pulsating note is playing a song of life!

Panda white marble is a kind of marble from the Far East that is surprising. It is characterized by a pure white background and strong contrasting black lines. With wider stripes and thicker wavy lines, white crystals are formed on the transparent substrate, presenting a sense of lucidity. A large amount of blank space frees people's unlimited imagination, while there is no lack of elegance and sophistication.