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Do You Know G682 Granite Paving Stone

PERFECT STONE - Do You Know G682 Granite Paving Stone

G682 Rusty Granite is of high quality mainly with odorless spots, no black spots, multiple rust spots, clean rust spots, and deep yellow rust spots. The high-quality smooth yellow rust stone is considered by the industry as the first choice for external wall dry hanging. The ground paving stones and landscape stones processed by burning noodles and litchi noodles are the favorite choices of landscape architects.

The color of the granite countertop is particularly beautiful after polishing, showing the luxury and nobleness, and the high wear resistance, which is favored by the majority of European and American customers. However, the shortcomings of rust stone are also obvious and the color difference is large. Mass production may have different color differences, which will affect the overall effect of the decoration. Pay special attention to this point when using rust stone for external wall dry hanging. Rust stone is unstable because of its color difference. The quotation is subject to the actual samples provided.

Rust stone can be used as a polished board, fireboard, thin board, countertop, environmental stone, floor paving stone, curbstone, small cube, wall stone, stone furniture, stone carving, and supporting stone for various construction projects.