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Why Bettel White Granite Tiles Makes A Statement

Bethel White Granite has a medium-to-light grey, brown and black granite of the Devonian age. This pale stone is international might be identified as black granite, the quality and color variations are extremely variable between various quarries, and the quality of the stone, often denoted by veining and grain patterns. This white granite in the context of historic applications of this stone should be designated as granite for fine use and not for architectural projects or home decoration

If you have taken a stroll around your neighborhood and have noticed some beautiful newly constructed homes, chances are that these constructions will be comprised of granite in their construction. In recent times this white limestone has been used in kitchen countertops and bathroom tiles as well as in roofing tiles to impart both a soft natural and stylish appeal to the property. It is this beautiful light-colored stone that gives this white granite its name which gives it a truly remarkable quality of light reflection that does not occur in inclusions. One of the most remarkable attributes of this white limestone is that it exhibits a consistently even grain that appears almost hand carved with no edge streaks or any other damage to the surface.

Over the last century, the United States and many other countries had become increasingly aware of the significance of authenticity and only such quality materials should be used when working on projects of national or international stature. Only such materials can make it through the building process, making it important for all contractors and designers to ensure that only Bethel white granite is used in their projects and that these granite tiles are procured from a reputable quarry in the United States. It is very important that the chosen quarry selected is well known for the consistency of excellence with which they produce their product. This is why Vermont granite specialists remain among the most sought after construction companies in the United States for the creation of beautiful Bethel white tiles.

There are many places in the world in which the manufacture of this white granite can be traced, but perhaps nowhere is anywhere as well known or popular as Vermont granite quarries in Wisconsin. Vermont granite quarries are operated by three World-renowned companies namely Mohawk Granite LLC, Dickman-Hopper Inc., and Stone River Corp., which are located within just an hour drive of one another in Racine, Wisconsin. All of these companies have a combined total of over seven hundred million cubic feet of Superior Quality White Granite that is quarried annually. In order to qualify as a reputable Bethel white granite quarry, all of these companies adhere to strict guidelines and specifications set forth by the Better Business Bureau, including an intricate inspection and quarry plan that outlines every step of their sourcing, cutting, and production process. Many of these companies also take extra measures to ensure that all of their employees and subcontractors are certified to safely and thoroughly transport the white granite, ensuring that it arrives at its destination in pristine condition.

The standards of Bethel white granite in these Vermont granite quarries are second to none. Their quarrying team has the knowledge and experience necessary to carefully source the most pristine pieces of granite possible. When they ship their products to various clients throughout the United States, each and every piece is inspected for its quality before it is deemed fit for use as a bethel granite tile. These granite quarries employ a variety of safety measures that include: a double-bagging process that minimizes damage during transportation, full-body coverage, custom stone sealing and grinding, and an astringent milling process that ensures the highest quality finish possible. Due to the meticulous methods employed by these Vermont granite quarries, their products are widely recognized around the globe. One of the major benefits of using Vermont granite is that it is virtually immune to any kind of environmental attack; therefore, there is no need to worry about the possibility of your bethel granite tiles becoming contaminated with arsenic, heavy metals, or other dangerous contaminants.

The superior quality and variety of Bethel white granite make it an extremely popular flooring choice. It can be used in any room of the house from the entryway to the master bedroom and beyond. Its durability and natural beauty allow it to look great anywhere. These white granites will fit into any decorating scheme and can even add value to the home, should you choose to put it up as part of a combination property. With all of these benefits, this naturally beautiful product may even make you want to shift from your current flooring to have something that truly makes a statement!