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What‘s’the Advantage Of Slate Roof Tiles?

Classification of tiles:

Roof slate are mainly divided into: industrial production tile panels and natural stone slate roof tiles.

Industrial tiles are mainly made of chemical raw materials and glue through pressure. Natural slate is mainly made of slate stone by artificial splitting, with an average thickness of 5-7mm and 9-11mm. The slate tiles whose edges are manually punched or cut, especially the Kunlun stone tiles in the slate tile industry have a certain diversity, and are the main processing and production base of rusty slate.

The origin of natural slate roof tile:

The production areas of slate roof tiles are distributed in many places across the country, including Shaanxi, black low-calcium tiles, high-calcium tiles from Jiangxi, rusty tiles from Yixian County, Hebei, and rusty tiles for Kunlun stone. Bailing Huibin Cultural Stone Main Origin of Tile.

PERFECT STONE - What‘s’the Advantage Of Slate Roof Tiles?


Most of the slate roof tiles used to be processed into tiles have the following characteristics.

Physical properties or visible to the naked eye: good splitting performance, good flatness, small color difference, high blackness (the same for other colors), high bending strength

Chemical properties or material properties: low calcium, iron and sulfur content, low loss on ignition, good acid and alkali resistance, low water absorption, good weather resistance.