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What’s The Processing Of Paving Stone?

Flat panel

The products are polished or fired, and are widely used for outdoor floor paving in various environments. The most commonly used places are: landscape roads, community garden pavements, recreational places, building squares, stations, docks, parking lots, etc. Due to the construction of interstitial mortar joints, it has good anti-slip properties and is easy to keep clean. This natural material improves the quality and taste of the environment.

Matte matt

It is widely used in indoor and outdoor environment floor paving and wall decoration. The best application scope of the product is: water sports venues, bathroom environment, commercial and entertainment venues, star-rated hotels and homes that require special indoor effects.


It is mainly made by hand, and the surface of the product is made with natural cross section, axe striped surface, dotted surface such as lychee surface or pineapple surface. The main material is granite. The main products are paving stones (used to pave roads in different landscapes), corner stones and other rough handmade stones, which are generous in thickness, return to nature, and have good durability. Paving stones and step stones are commonly used products. It has a long service life and is a common choice for large-scale landmark, historic and permanent buildings.

Machine Planed Striped Stone

In the application of outdoor stone, in order to prevent slippage and increase the three-dimensional effect, there are methods such as chopped axe stone, machine-planed stone, and fired stone, but these traditional methods cannot meet the needs of increasingly high-end decoration construction. Striped stone has a clear and sleek texture, which adds a beautiful style to modern urban construction.