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What’s Silver Dragon Marble?

The physical properties of silver dragon marble: bulk density: 2.69g/cm3, water absorption: 0.17%, compressive strength: 629Mpa, flexural strength: 136Mpa, surface porosity: 0.47%, abrasion test: 2.9mm, impact test: 30cm. Grain color: its appearance is divided into two types, black and gray, black silver-white dragon has white patterns on black background, and gray silver-white dragon has white patterns on dark gray background.

Use field

Because of its clear black and white, beautiful shape, elegance and luxury, and high appreciation value, it is recognized by professional authorities and industry insiders as ideal materials for the decoration of various modern buildings and luxury residences. Silver dragons are often processed into various handicrafts, such as table tops, kitchen countertops, sink tops, sink trays, etc.

Marble is often produced in the form of rock foundations, rock strains, rock blocks, etc., and is controlled by regional geotectonics. Generally, it is relatively large in scale and widely distributed, so it is easy to mine, easy to produce large materials, and its joints are developed regularly. Conducive to the mining of stones with regular shapes. Granite has a high rate of wasteland, can be processed in various ways, and the board can be assembled well. And marble is not easy to weather, can be used as outdoor decoration stone. The texture of the marble is uniform. Although the color is mainly light, it is also very rich in red, white, yellow, green, black, purple, brown, beige, blue, etc., and its color is relatively small, suitable for large Use of area.