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What’s Leather Black Marble Slab?

What's leather marble?

The so-called "leather & antique stone" refers to the special surface treatment of natural granite or marble, so that the surface of the stone appears similar to the natural wave surface or texture after weathering, and the stone has a natural wear effect after long-term use (approximately matt or high-gloss effect). In layman's terms, natural stone processing and imaging have been used for ancient effects after hundreds of years.


The stone leather processing can have uneven satin matte and high-gloss effects, showing the natural crystal luster of the stone, and play a unique decorative effect; at the same time, it also improves the stone's antifouling and waterproof performance, and can play a non-slip effect. Stone antique processing can also avoid light pollution in buildings due to light mirror reflection. At the same time, the antique stone is easy to repair after being worn out. At the same time, the color difference is smaller than that of polishing, and it can also reflect the value of natural environmental protection.

Main tools for natural stone leather processing:

The main material for stone leather processing is stone abrasive brush, and the surface is not made of glue brushing and other processes, but physical polishing is mainly used. The abrasive brush is made of high-quality silicon carbide and special nylon material synthetic abrasive wire, which is firmly fixed on a brush base. It is mainly used for the production of antique and leather surfaces such as marble, granite, and artificial stone.

PERFECT STONE - What's Leather Black Marble Slab?