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What Is The Most Popular Grey Marble?

Yundola gray must be very familiar to everyone. The gray base is decorated with smart white and brown lines. It is clearly layered, rough and not messy. It shows the beauty of atmosphere and fashion. It has a low-key luxury beauty.

The minerals are also relatively abundant, such as Oulu mine, EJT mine, Turkish old mine and so on.

Yundola Gray has a uniform and clear texture, a positive background color, high gloss, and good oiliness. From large area laying to small area decoration, it can give you a different feeling of space and modernity, letting space Beautiful.

Hermes gray can be said to be the most popular gray marble, with rich texture, hierarchical colors, intoxicating, low-key fashion, strong decoration, delicate materials, and good luminosity, which is very suitable for indoor floors and walls.

The natural network texture of Hermès gray deeply attracts people. The cool texture is high-end atmosphere, and the clear texture is rich in layers, which is in line with the aesthetic requirements of modern people.

PERFECT STONE - What Is The Most Popular Grey Marble?

About is not monotonous, low-key and unassuming, athena grey marble, like a graystone gentleman, elegant, humble, and courteous. The delicate and moist texture releases the refined character, creating a low-key, luxurious living space.

At the same time, the gray space for thinking is simple and quiet, and the space gray for meditation. The moody space becomes quiet under the gray tones and becomes more mysterious under the combination of lighting.

PERFECT STONE - What Is The Most Popular Grey Marble?