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Tips To Maintain Armani Marble

Armani Grey marble is an Italian limestone quarried from the Gran Sasso in Tuscany. It's a light gray color marbled with fossil-like formations on the surface that makes it unique and beautiful from other similar marbles it's perfect for interiors, countertop, floors, and even floor tiles. When you see how simple Armani Grey looks and feels, you won't wonder about what you will have to do to clean it. The material is very easy to care for and you don't need any special cleaning products to make it clean. You can get your Armani Marble at wholesale price from any online marble store.

One thing you need to know about Armani Grey Marble and cleaning is that it has a unique color and texture that will blend with your interior design scheme. So, in order to clean your marble with the least amount of effort you need to clean them with warm water that includes lemon juice or lime juice. Mix them with some glass cleaner or mild soap.

After doing that apply some soft clean cloth to clean Armani Grey marble gently. You can use dish soap to remove stubborn stains or you can use any type of liquid that contains acid. This particular marble needs to be cleaned as soon as possible because it may become discolored when it is kept for some time without being cleaned. After this, you can use soft cloths to dry the marble. To prevent staining, you can lay some plastic on the marble after drying it up completely.

If you have kids and pets at home, you must keep them away from the marble as it is very hard to clean. They are able to stain the marble but it can easily be removed if you have used some type of protective sealant. There are some types of plastic covers that are designed to protect against stains and they can be used on the Armani Marble.

Another great advantage of having Armani Marble in your house is that it can be cleaned with very little effort. But if you want to clean your marble more frequently you can take help from professionals to do the cleaning. If the marble gets stained or dirty with food stains you can clean it up with vinegar solution and then rub the stained areas with a soft dry cloth. Then again use the same dry cloth to apply a coat of wax that can be removed easily by rubbing some vinegar solution.

There are some tips that you can follow to keep your marble well maintained by not using harsh detergents and liquids. If you want to clean Armani Marble you must clean the marble twice every year.