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The Five Most Popular White Marbles, Which One Is The Most Classic?

The Five Most Popular White Marbles, Which One Is The Most Classic?


Stone decoration plays a very important role in modern home decoration. The overall color matching and control of the home is more warm and adds a strong color. Stones has many colors, among which white marble has always been a star stone in home decoration. The white marble has a warm temperament, simplicity and elegance, exuding a small and fresh feeling. Her natural texture is inspiring and has a significant effect on temperament of the decorative space. It is very popular among young people. Then let's take a look at the five popular white marbles. Which one do you think is the most classic?



Calacatta comes from Italy, the fashion capital, with its own fashion and noble aura. Because of its elegance and high-end, it has always been popular among high-end people and designers. Calacatta has a very good atmosphere in terms of materials, patterns, surface treatment, etc. It is widely used in the building and decoration of high-end hotels, villas, and leisure places. Calacatta makes the living room as beautiful and charming as the ink landscape paintings. The picturesque texture brings the beauty of flow and reflects the elegance and nobility of the elite class.




Volakas is like a goddess from ancient times, dignified, elegant and quiet. Volakas is a kind of milky white natural marble. The milky white background is pure and elegant, and the gray stripes are beautiful and clear, which can well highlight the decorative style. The stripes are clear, the texture is rich, noble and elegant, and the unique natural texture can not only reflect the historical retro sense of the decorative objects, but also vividly express the modern fashion sense. Volakas has good processing performance, sound insulation and heat insulation, can be further processed, excellent texture, strong processing adaptability, less hardness, easy carving, unique texture, is an excellent building decoration material.

Volakas 1



Ariston originated from Greece. It belongs to a high-grade marble in white building materials. Its color is white like jade, fine particles, very pure white, inlaid with very pure gray, scarce texture, natural texture. Ariston is beautiful and elegant, but the texture is relatively soft. It belongs to a gem. The high-quality Ariston is the whitest among the white stones.


Guangxi White 

Guangxi White is quarried in Guangxi China. With its white surface, the texture of mountains and clouds, and low price, it has always been the first white stone for architectural decoration, such as interior and exterior walls, window sills, lines, and ground, etc. The surface of Guangxi White is white, and has textures with different thickness of yellow bars or gray bars. It looks like mountains and rivers, is beautiful and elegant, and has a high cost performance. It can be said that it is the king of cost performance in white stone.

Guangxi white

China Royal White 

The texture of China Royal White is solid and delicate, and it is very easy to be carved. It has been used as a raw material for precious buildings throughout the ages. This jade-like white stone is commonly used to build palaces, decorate temples, carve Buddha statues. As a precious stone used in ancient Chinese royal architectural carving, China Royal white is a gem that must be mentioned in the selection of Chinese architectural materials.

China Royal White