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The Different Types Of Carrara Marble Slabs

Carrara marble slabs and tiles are widely used in homes and commercial buildings because of their beauty and durability. Its high quality makes it suitable for a variety of applications. You can find different kinds of marble slabs in the market today such as:

White Marble: This marble type is widely used for interior floors. This is a durable and smooth marble that is highly resistant to scratches and stains. It comes in various colors like white, pink, blue, yellow, brown, silver-gray, black, and many more. White Marble Tile For Thickness 30-60mm, Carrara White Marble, Caribelli White, White Marble Tile Price. White Marble Tile For Countertops Sizes Polished Natural Nature Tiles Carrara Black Slate Sinks White Slate Granite Slabs Price

Black Marble: Black marble is popularly known for its uniqueness and classic design. With its glossy look and color variations, it has become very popular for home interiors and commercial construction. The black marble floor tiles are also called as marble slabs and are very beautiful and durable.

Colombo Marble: This marble is also called "Mensa Marble" which is a popularly used material in designing bathrooms and kitchens. The unique and antique design makes it unique to both modern and traditional interior decoration. Colombo Marble Tile Price ranges from moderate to expensive.

Granite Marble: Granite marble has become very popular among many homeowners and architects due to its unique designs and color variations. Some of its colors include red, green, gray, pink, yellow, white, blue, cream, and many more. These stones are also used in flooring and wall construction.

So, these are the different types of marble slabs available in the market today. These tiles are used as flooring, walls, countertops, sinks, kitchen floors, floor tiles, bath tiles, and flooring tiles. All these materials are very strong and easy to maintain, thus they are widely used.

For you to have a perfect look of your marble slabs, you need to polish them well. This can be done with a brush or any other soft tool and can give you the beautiful marble look you desired. Before installing the marble slabs, you must first prepare the place, so that there will be minimum dust and dirt.

If there is no place, you can simply slide them on the ground. But, if you have a beautiful place where the marble slabs must be installed, then it will be easier for you to install it. After you have prepared the place and have started installing, you can lay the marble tiles down. and spread them evenly. This is because you need to apply more pressure to each slab to ensure that they have good contact.

After laying the marble slabs, you have to finish by gluing the tiles in the place. Gluing them requires much more pressure so you can ensure that they are properly glued in place. When installing, you should also make sure to smooth out any imperfections before you seal the cement.