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The Beauty And Versatility Of Bethel White Granite

If you want to add an exquisite accent to your home then a unique floor tile, floor covering and wall decorating idea could be bethel white granite. This stone is a tough yet beautiful natural stone formed from molten lava under the extreme pressure and heat of inner Earth.

The name, "Bethel," is a Hebrew word meaning "a white hill." The name was first given to the stone when it was discovered by German miners in a quarry near Girona, Spain. The Spanish miners saw the beautiful white stone and named it after it.

Bethel white granite is a very hard, impervious, and durable igneous rock. Formed from molten lava under the extreme pressure and heat of inner Earth, the volcanic magma gradually cooled and crystallized into the granite. As mentioned, the stone is very hard, durable, and beautiful. One of the strongest of all stones, Bethel white granite can withstand the heaviest of weight, is weather-resistant, and beautiful to look at.

In addition to being a natural stone, the beauty of Bethel white granite comes from the beauty of the artistry that went into the creation of the stone. The color ranges from light gray to gray-blue and can be as dark or light as the person who created it desires it to be. Natural stone such as this cannot be created in a factory. The artisans create the stone from mold and apply coloring to the stone using various methods. These methods include a hardening process using tumbled stone, abrasive material to scratch off the rough spots, using a dye-sublimation method to create the color, and finally, using ultraviolet radiation to create the desired color.

The stone can be used as a floor covering for your bathroom and kitchen, wall decorating, and accent stone in your living room. or kitchen. When placed on the backsplash of a bathtub, it can make the stone as the focal point of a room. and make the bathtub the focal point of a bath or a shower. The stone will add a beautiful accent to your shower walls and adds a great accent to your bathroom vanity. The stone also looks great in a shower stall and bathroom vanity.

No matter where you put the stone, you will not regret its durability and beauty. Bethel white granite adds beauty and elegance to any home and a unique and classy accent to any room.