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How To Select Beige Marble?

Although there are many types of marble, the types of beige marble are also indispensable. Now in the building materials market, the main types of beige marble are gold line beige, golden dragon beige, golden flower beige, silver line beige, sandstone beige, new beige, old beige, Sananna beige, red line beige, newya beige, Egyptian beige, Spain Beige, Royal Beige, Turkish Beige, White Sand Beige, Oman Beige, Saanna Beige, Roman Beige, etc. These are only the main categories. As for other categories, you can imagine how many more. Each of the different types of beige marble has different characteristics, so you must choose according to its characteristics when choosing. It is the most important to choose the stone that fits the indoor environment.

When we generally choose stone, especially this kind of stone for indoor installation, we will conduct sample reference and comparison when purchasing. After reading the sample, we must look at the big slab, which is placed on the open space. The slate, because they often cut out good patterns when they show it to you, but the patterns will be different in your hands. The space is large, there are many places where marble is used, or if you want to put together patterns, then you must look at the color and pattern of the slabs. The patterns will be very regular and symmetrical, and there is basically no color difference. They will be decorated later. The effect will naturally be very good.