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How To Refurbish Granite Floor?

Granite, is mainly composed of quartz and mica. The Mohs hardness value is about 6.5. The texture is hard. It is prone to natural weathering and abrasion after long-term use. Its performance is characterized by the shedding of mica. At this time, a small amount of concave pits appear on the surface of the stone. When the pits increase, the brightness of the granite surface decreases and loses its original luster. It has a bumpy feeling when touched by hand. The luster of the stone can be restored with renovation.

Due to the hard texture of granite, it is difficult to achieve the desired effect by simply using chemical curing agents, abrasives, etc. when its surface is damaged. The use of large-scale stone restoration machines using physical grinding methods is better than using chemical products alone. Refurbish grinding.

The physical grinding method must meet two conditions: first, the weight of the refurbished machine; second, the speed of the refurbished machine. In other words, in the stone grinding process, weight and low speed are required; in the process of polishing and brightening, low weight and high speed are required. The ordinary weighting machines currently used in the market cannot meet the necessary conditions for physical grinding of granite renovation due to their low weight and low speed, so the effect of granite renovation is not ideal.

Equipment, accessories and consumables needed for granite renovation: professional stone renovation machine, 3-inch metal polishing pad, renovation pad, 9-inch red polishing pad, water suction machine, sign, watering can, photometer, glass wiper, wiper, etc..