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How To Make Stone Waterproof?

Before the installation of the stone, the professional waterproof treatment can avoid the pollution of water and various external stains, and it has always kept the stone bright and looks new. 

Stone waterproof is divided into two types: water-based and oil-based, and the final effect of the two ways is the same. However, there are differences in the installation process. Water-based preservatives are recommended for marble flooring. Both water-based and oil-based can be used for wall surfaces.

There are two common techniques for waterproofing: brushing and dipping. Generally, small and medium-sized manufacturers use brushing techniques to brush the stone with protective agent. Before painting, the processed stone needs to be air-dried (no water inside) and brushed again. After it is completely dry, paint the six sides again protective agent.

In order to check the product is properly protected, you can pour out the clear water or colored water on the surface or bottom of the stone to see if it can form droplets of water. After a few minutes, use a cotton cloth to wipe clean water drops. The stone surface does not have water penetration or staining, which means that the stone waterproof treatment is well done. If water droplets cannot be formed, and there is a large area of penetrating water stains, then the protection is not done well.

PERFECT STONE - How To Make Stone Waterproof?