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How To Maintain Gray Marble Floor Tiles?

1. First of all, these are the things you need to avoid

In places with frequent population movements, it is best not to install marble, because constant trampling will speed up its damage; and in places with high utilization rates of driveways and kitchen lights, try to avoid using gray marble. But sometimes it is inevitable. If you must use marble, you must use the correct method to maintain and clean

2. Avoid acid substances when cleaning

When cleaning gray marble, don't let acid or liquid come into contact with it. Marble has many tiny voids. Acidic substances such as vinegar or orange juice can easily contaminate and damage the marble. If acid is accidentally spilled on the marble, it should be wiped clean with a towel in time to avoid leaving stains.

3. Marble tiles are also easy to get water, wipe it with a dry towel to reduce water stains

Marble has many small voids, so if water invades, you should dry it with a towel in time. Although gray marble is very hard and practical, it is permeable to water stains.

The utilization rate of marble in daily life is actually very high, and gray marble is loved by everyone because of its high appearance and high utilization rate.

PERFECT STONE - How To Maintain Gray Marble Floor Tiles?